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We already know you're not in it for the drinking. Just admit it already!

wow i havent written in this in forever. phew. it aint like i havent been playing any games, im just too lazy to sign in and talk about it. like it even matters!
anyway, lets see what i

i played Dark Cloud which is really good except for the Thirst meter.. cuz then you try to rush thru the dungeons before your character dehydrates and dies.. wtf is up with that? and there is entirely too many charries. why do we need like 5 or 6 people just to take on one boss. how annoying.

i played .hack//infection. it was alot of fun at first, but then it was over! thats how damn short it is. and nothing gets explained. they stretched out one 80+ hour game into four games just so they can take more of my moneys. ill still buy em though, ehehe. i love Balmung. he is so hot, and those wings are so pretty. aww... -drool-

im playing Dark Cloud 2. i told myself i wouldnt play it cuz i wanted to beat the first one, but someone else was borrowing that game and i was impatient so i started it. it is sooooooo gooooood!! the graphics are awesome. Max is adorable and i like changing his clothes. the only thing that really pisses me off is that i have to pay money outta my pocket to build stuff.. like if i dont have enough supplies to build a house, i have to waste my money to buy more. thats ridiculous!! theres enough stuff i have to buy, why should i do that?? bleh.

im playing Xenosaga.. not as much as id like because its my brother's copy and he is still playing it. the graphics are gorgeous and sometimes i forget that it isnt a square game, until you get those stupid secret emails from Namco talking about Tekken or Pac Man... like... who gives a shit. if its a secret email that i have to work for, why doesnt it be about something i need in the game?? really dumb. i love KOS-MOS to death. she is so pretty and awesome and will kill everyone if its in her objective, bwehehe.. Ziggy is kinda hot too. its so tough trying to pick out a party because they're all really hot charries, lol. well except the kids.

the latest Smackdown! game is really disappointing! i mean yeah the characters i create look alot better then before, but there isnt a Women's Championship.. so all my female wrestlers really have no point being there, and im wasting my time, but i dont care, because i have more fun in the "Create a Superstar" then i am even playing the game. I even made a wrestler in KOS-MOS' image.

obsession? a bit.
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