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yay i finally beat devil may cry X_x, with goose's help of course.. im sure i could've beaten it on my own tho. i also beat shadow hearts, how depressing that was -tear-
and i started catching up on my dvds.. i saw the X dvd i bought like a month ago (x/1999, the series), and the first 2 discs of soultaker. i luvved X and even tho soultaker is good, it just wasnt all that great after seeing X. -shrug- ah well..
and... im not getting my griever necklace after all!!!!! >:( aint that a bitch?!?!?! -cries- ..i.. i still.. i luff him.
er.. anyway.. i finished Red Eyes and the current list of character to real persons is as follows.
Sheridan <--> me
Enda <--> Bear (you know who you are)
Crisiant <--> shithead (Mike)
Lysander <--> Goose
Elisha <--> Krystal
Wren <--> Jeff (the badass)
Phoenix <--> Joey
Niamh <--> Stormy
Passan <--> Tristan
Fairley <--> Sasha
Tybalt <--> Buns
name I cant remember <--> Jesse (Luis)
when i remember the names, or look for them, ill adjust this entry. bleh. ill soon put up the pics of all the characters once i have a chance to scan them.
i just did a really really nice one of Niamh. i'm going to try to scan it before i give it to Storms.
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