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Yeah, just drink some juice like a wuss. And then gawk at the piano lady.

well to start off, i have found a way to deal with the Crisiant dilemma! i talked to my brother and HE said i should make Cris evil!! that way i can keep the awesome character, but not be pissed off about it, since i can have my character kill him off in a most gruesome manner. yippee!
moving on... i have a couple drawings to show.
well two of them are just scribbles of these two Elfish Spirits. One is Tandu, the other is Amadea

The other is my character Sheridan, after she finds out about Crisiant's betrayal!!! -gasp!- damn goose is good.

-squealie- my oh-so-good-to-me boyfriend is buying me Squall's Griever necklace!!! yay! and it comes with a little Gunblade too!!! yay!!!! I can hardly contain myself!!! YAY!!!!!!! ...oh wait.. i hope thats not all he decides to get... o.o;;;
-more on LoE!-
my friend liked the idea for my game. if i didnt mention it before, it was that the hero is sent by his mother in search of jello so she can bake her "famous Jello Tower Cake". but when he goes on his little quest for some damn jello to capture (since they are real, they liiive) he finds out that they dont like being made into cake. and they're gonna start a war. damnit. yeah so anyway, my friend wanted to be a jello so now shes an orange jello commander, with decorations no less. so if anyone else wants to join the jello war, and be a warrior of the wiggly, then step forwards. anyhooage.. i let tristan play it (this is the second person to set eyes upon the beauty that is... L o E! O.o;) and he thinks the naked guy in the village (yeh theres a nekkid guy) should have a bigger part. can take that anyway you please. goodnight.
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