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mmmm, ffxi... [07 Apr 2004|07:23am]
[ mood | curious ]

*drool* me lovem ffxi.
i had it on the computer for the longest time, then my comp died a horrible, horrible death, thus depriving me of my precious.
....so.... i had to wait until the ps2 version came out. gawd that was a pain in the ass setting up. but it is good. el cerdo es bueno. EL CERDO ES BUENO!!!


i got my little warrior chic up to lvl 20 and its now time for moi to head to Qufim Island and prepare for moi journey to becoming... *drumroll* ... a badass Dark Knight.


i just wish i knew how to get there. -.-;

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[11 Jul 2003|03:07am]
yeah im falling out of the whole lj thang unfortunately. nothing that happens with me is anything i want to talk about anywayz so whats the point yah? i will though, shamelessly promote my final fantasy forum/messageboard/what have you for any FF freaks that want to yap about it. its new so there arent many folks yet. go check it out. ill give you five dollah.. :)

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[21 Mar 2003|02:48am]
[ mood | grumpy ]

Hmm.. I wonder why Live-D(Crimson Sea) and LeBlanc(FFX-2) have the same outfit? The only difference is a little ruffle in one place, and the colors. It must be a conspiracy! -le gasp-
Ok, that's all. -.-;;

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[20 Mar 2003|12:38am]
[ mood | chipper ]

YES! I've done it!!! I have finally finished making my RPG Loss of Element!!! Now I'm just going thru it and any scenes that are too serious I'm going to make even more wacky. I think it ended well, with a cameo of Dennis Rodman at the end, or as well as I could make the lil guy look like him, bwehe. I'm so proud. It took forever to do it. The game is only 2 or 3 hours long, but hey, thats long enough for me. Maybe one day I will extend it, we'll see what happens.

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We already know you're not in it for the drinking. Just admit it already! [14 Mar 2003|05:31pm]
[ mood | content ]

wow i havent written in this in forever. phew. it aint like i havent been playing any games, im just too lazy to sign in and talk about it. like it even matters!
anyway, lets see what i played..um..

i played Dark Cloud which is really good except for the Thirst meter.. cuz then you try to rush thru the dungeons before your character dehydrates and dies.. wtf is up with that? and there is entirely too many charries. why do we need like 5 or 6 people just to take on one boss. how annoying.

i played .hack//infection. it was alot of fun at first, but then it was over! thats how damn short it is. and nothing gets explained. they stretched out one 80+ hour game into four games just so they can take more of my moneys. ill still buy em though, ehehe. i love Balmung. he is so hot, and those wings are so pretty. aww... -drool-

im playing Dark Cloud 2. i told myself i wouldnt play it cuz i wanted to beat the first one, but someone else was borrowing that game and i was impatient so i started it. it is sooooooo gooooood!! the graphics are awesome. Max is adorable and i like changing his clothes. the only thing that really pisses me off is that i have to pay money outta my pocket to build stuff.. like if i dont have enough supplies to build a house, i have to waste my money to buy more. thats ridiculous!! theres enough stuff i have to buy, why should i do that?? bleh.

im playing Xenosaga.. not as much as id like because its my brother's copy and he is still playing it. the graphics are gorgeous and sometimes i forget that it isnt a square game, until you get those stupid secret emails from Namco talking about Tekken or Pac Man... like... who gives a shit. if its a secret email that i have to work for, why doesnt it be about something i need in the game?? really dumb. i love KOS-MOS to death. she is so pretty and awesome and will kill everyone if its in her objective, bwehehe.. Ziggy is kinda hot too. its so tough trying to pick out a party because they're all really hot charries, lol. well except the kids.

the latest Smackdown! game is really disappointing! i mean yeah the characters i create look alot better then before, but there isnt a Women's Championship.. so all my female wrestlers really have no point being there, and im wasting my time, but i dont care, because i have more fun in the "Create a Superstar" then i am even playing the game. I even made a wrestler in KOS-MOS' image.

obsession? a bit.

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Whatever... [12 Dec 2002|10:21pm]
[ mood | silly ]

yay i finally beat devil may cry X_x, with goose's help of course.. im sure i could've beaten it on my own tho. i also beat shadow hearts, how depressing that was -tear-
and i started catching up on my dvds.. i saw the X dvd i bought like a month ago (x/1999, the series), and the first 2 discs of soultaker. i luvved X and even tho soultaker is good, it just wasnt all that great after seeing X. -shrug- ah well..
and... im not getting my griever necklace after all!!!!! >:( aint that a bitch?!?!?! -cries- ..i.. i still.. i luff him.
er.. anyway.. i finished Red Eyes and the current list of character to real persons is as follows.
Sheridan <--> me
Enda <--> Bear (you know who you are)
Crisiant <--> shithead (Mike)
Lysander <--> Goose
Elisha <--> Krystal
Wren <--> Jeff (the badass)
Phoenix <--> Joey
Niamh <--> Stormy
Passan <--> Tristan
Fairley <--> Sasha
Tybalt <--> Buns
name I cant remember <--> Jesse (Luis)
when i remember the names, or look for them, ill adjust this entry. bleh. ill soon put up the pics of all the characters once i have a chance to scan them.
i just did a really really nice one of Niamh. i'm going to try to scan it before i give it to Storms.

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Yeah, just drink some juice like a wuss. And then gawk at the piano lady. [15 Nov 2002|01:44am]
[ mood | giddy ]

well to start off, i have found a way to deal with the Crisiant dilemma! i talked to my brother and HE said i should make Cris evil!! that way i can keep the awesome character, but not be pissed off about it, since i can have my character kill him off in a most gruesome manner. yippee!
moving on... i have a couple drawings to show.
well two of them are just scribbles of these two Elfish Spirits. One is Tandu, the other is Amadea

The other is my character Sheridan, after she finds out about Crisiant's betrayal!!! -gasp!- damn goose is good.

-squealie- my oh-so-good-to-me boyfriend is buying me Squall's Griever necklace!!! yay! and it comes with a little Gunblade too!!! yay!!!! I can hardly contain myself!!! YAY!!!!!!! ...oh wait.. i hope thats not all he decides to get... o.o;;;
-more on LoE!-
my friend liked the idea for my game. if i didnt mention it before, it was that the hero is sent by his mother in search of jello so she can bake her "famous Jello Tower Cake". but when he goes on his little quest for some damn jello to capture (since they are real, they liiive) he finds out that they dont like being made into cake. and they're gonna start a war. damnit. yeah so anyway, my friend wanted to be a jello so now shes an orange jello commander, with decorations no less. so if anyone else wants to join the jello war, and be a warrior of the wiggly, then step forwards. anyhooage.. i let tristan play it (this is the second person to set eyes upon the beauty that is... L o E! O.o;) and he thinks the naked guy in the village (yeh theres a nekkid guy) should have a bigger part. ....you can take that anyway you please. goodnight.

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Are you MAD!? [13 Nov 2002|12:07am]
[ mood | restless ]

I am Carbuncle! Rather than attacking, I help protect party members from taking damage. I'm always there when you need me, and I'm a cutie to boot! What Final Fantasy summon are you?
Click here to find out!
This test created by jozabad Cp's Coo Coo Planet
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My turn to boogie now. [12 Nov 2002|07:45pm]
[ mood | angry ]

i just finished drawing all of my Apollyon characters into the binder!! all of em!! thats 5 stories worth! yippee!! now i just have to do Red Eyes, Passalis, and.. um.. lots of other things. im kinda stumped tho, the main guy in Red, Crisiant, was based on "shithead".. but i really like Cris, so somehow, midway thru the story he's gonna have to get the boot and be replaced by another guy. -sobs- i just loved Cris tho, and i kno that the only way i'll be happy with the new guy is if he looks 20x better than Cris... -le sigh-
i havent worked on LoE at all these past couple of days. not that i dont have ideas, i have plenty.. i just, i dunno, i guess i need a break from it. and i think im just gonna trash the apollyon rpg becuz its just taking up room on my memory card.. (i only have 3, and i used an entire one just for LoE! >.<)
in other squallita news....
im playing Kingdom Hearts again but only to level up (i beat it at lvl 52.. quite easily too, went thru Hades Cup and all)
and to synthesize for Sora's Ultima Weapon XD!!! and eventually to go thru Hades Cup again to get Donald and Goofy's final weapons... damn that's gonna be a bitch and a half.
well im off to complain on my other journal, toodlaloo.

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I'd say you're about a -3 on the manliness scale. [08 Nov 2002|09:43pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well i gots a new journal. kinda coo' i suppose. since im so obsessed with squall and whatnot. dont really have anything to say lol. i just finished making a scene in LoE where Malinimus and his new companion Lily go to meet a retired castle guard. its not very funny, and the guy, Carlis, is downright rude. im not sure if i should just leave it there, cuz i doubt every second of the game has to be funny, or if i should change it to go with the ... uh, i dunno, psychoticness of the rest of the game. hmmm... pondering.

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