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My turn to boogie now.

i just finished drawing all of my Apollyon characters into the binder!! all of em!! thats 5 stories worth! yippee!! now i just have to do Red Eyes, Passalis, and.. um.. lots of other things. im kinda stumped tho, the main guy in Red, Crisiant, was based on "shithead".. but i really like Cris, so somehow, midway thru the story he's gonna have to get the boot and be replaced by another guy. -sobs- i just loved Cris tho, and i kno that the only way i'll be happy with the new guy is if he looks 20x better than Cris... -le sigh-
i havent worked on LoE at all these past couple of days. not that i dont have ideas, i have plenty.. i just, i dunno, i guess i need a break from it. and i think im just gonna trash the apollyon rpg becuz its just taking up room on my memory card.. (i only have 3, and i used an entire one just for LoE! >.<)
in other squallita news....
im playing Kingdom Hearts again but only to level up (i beat it at lvl 52.. quite easily too, went thru Hades Cup and all)
and to synthesize for Sora's Ultima Weapon XD!!! and eventually to go thru Hades Cup again to get Donald and Goofy's final weapons... damn that's gonna be a bitch and a half.
well im off to complain on my other journal, toodlaloo.
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Hi! I see you seem to like Squall. Well, I do too, and I was just wondering if I could add you to my friends list? You can add me too if you like!!
Yes you can add me! Anyone who likes Squall is automatically added to my friends list, bweehee.
You're using RPG maker for LoE? For some reason I thought that it was a "Dungeons and Dragons" type RPG :)
i think i would have finished it already if it was d&d
rpg maker is a true biotch.
I should get that again sometime and really put some time into it.

Do you have a Dexdrive? You know, that thing that lets you upload memmory card files onto the computer?

BTW, I got chosen to be an Everquest Online Adventures Beta tester!!! I'm so stoked!
i would wait until rpgm2 comes out in january. not as much customization, but feck, at least you can use a keyboard instead of that one press button thing. no i dont have a dexdrive, i never heard of it.
and shnoogins for the online thing. is that like a sequel or something?
Nah, it's for PS2! I'm stoked!

Rats! if you had a dexdrive I could download your RPG game....ah well :(